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In order for Latino Film Industry to consider your film financing request, we will need certain documents below that need to be included in your film project package when submitted to us. Without these documents, we will not be able to help you. Terms and or requirements are subject to change without any notice at our discretion.


We at Latino Film Industry would like to mention, that we have several funding sources that we engage with regarding the financing of entertainment projects. Their terms and or requirements may be different from our terms and requirements below, which serve as a strong guideline depending on whom we submit your project to. We suggest that when submitting a project to us that you try to follow our required guidelines below as much as possible, in order for us to be able to help you accordingly. You must be transparent. DO NOT include your script.


     * Bios on talent and professional team.
     * Executive Summary to include distribution, marketing and   shooting locations.
     * USA entities: tax incentives and projected revenues.
     * An LOI from distribution.
     * Budget plans including debt shedule forecast
     * Letter of commitment from actors, producers and or directors.
     * Synopsis.
     * USA based projects only at this time.
     * PPM in place.
     * Distribution rights.
     * Pre Sales in place.
     * Film project must be advanced and fully developed.
     * $500k minimum film projects....Documentaries are excluded on a per base decision.
     * You must have 10% + vested of your own funds in the film  project.
     * You must have 10% + of the budget liquid cash to bring to closing with POF's.
     * You must have class - A or B - actors for your project.


       Submit inquiries to: info@LatinoFilmIndustry.org



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